Crystal Charms



Hang from your rear view mirror, window, bedside or anywhere! Wooden bead can be an oil diffuser for your favorite essential oil.

Makes a great gift.

Rose Quartz x2 – Stone of unconditional love. Beloved to be mood lifting.

Smoky Quartz – Disperses fear, lifts depression and negativity. Promotes positivity & Rose Quartz – Stone of unconditional love. Beloved to be mood lifting.

Clear Quartz – Absorb and regulate energy & Fluorite – spiritual detoxification

Amazonite- soothing stone. Aids in maintaining optimum health.

Apatite – Helps with motivation, ambition, and self confidence.

Blue Calcite – protective stone. Calms emotions and filters out negative energy.

Amethyst – Protects against negative energies. Brings clarity and peacefulness.

Orchid Calcite – refreshing to the mind, body and spirit.

Rhodonite – stone of compassion.

Serpentine – clear clouded areas of the chakras.

Sodalite – opens the mind to logic and rationally.

Mookatie – Reduce stress and boost confidence.

Every Kytra’s Keepers is hand tied and made with quality. This makes your purchase unique and unlike anything else. Please feel free to contact me about a special request. Make sure to check out our Instagram: @ Kytras_Keepers


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