Mini Mushroom Charm – Ornaments




Mini Mushroom with Moss Bottom Ornaments – Macrame Mushroom Charm. One of a kind!

The Mini Mushroom with Moss Bottoms will make a lovely addition to your home, rears view mirror, or Christmas tree. These unique amanita mushrooms are in complementing shades with moss in a contrasting hue add to its charm.

Mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes for many years. The majority of the fungal organism lives in the soil interwoven with tree roots as a vast network of mycelium. Mycelium composes what’s called a “mycorrhizal network,” connects individual plants together to transfer water, nitrogen, carbon and other minerals. In healthy forests, each tree is connected to others via this network. A study on Douglas-fir trees, indicates that trees recognize the root tips of their relatives and favor them when sending carbon and nutrients through the fungal network. Moss can absorb nitrogen dioxide and dust as well as various ozone gases in the air. Furthermore, moss can be used in a fight against air pollution. Moss even has a floral meaning of charity and maternal love, making this a beautiful gift.

Mushrooms are crafted with 100% cotton.

Every Kytra’s Keepers is hand tied and made with quality. This makes your purchase unique and unlike anything else. Please feel free to contact me about a special request.

Order 3 and save (random colors selected unless otherwise requested.)

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