Morels Macrame Mushroom Decor



Macrame Mushroom Wall Decor

One of a kind! Hand-tied mushroom. Choice of style for these beautiful brown Morchella mushrooms.

Perfect for adding a unique flair to any room in your home!
Crafted with 100% cotton.

Morchella Importuna (Morels): The defining features include their conical, cylindrical to triangular, honeycomb-like cap with distinct pits, and their hollow interior with a single chamber.
Macramé Mushrooms:
Caps: small-1 1/2” large-2 3/4”
Stalks: small- 3/4” large-1”

11 1/2” long total, from top to bottom.
4” Gold color ring

Made to order, please allow 2-3 days for the mushroom to made.

Every KytrasKeepers is hand tied and made with quality. This makes your purchase unique and unlike anything else. Please feel free to contact me about a special request.
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